Overview of video's with date last used

  • 30 January 2024
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Is there a possiblity to get an overview, in for example in Excel, with all the video's with a date when they were last viewed?



9 replies

Yes. Report data can be downloaded in an Excel format. This can be done from the Custom tab within Analytics by selecting a date range to confirm the report contains the data you are looking for. You can visit the following link for more information: Creating Custom Analytics Reports.


Hi Giovanni,

Thanks for your reply.

I am aware of the option to create custom reports. But I cannot find a field which will shown the date a video is last viewed or clicked on.

To carry out maintenance activitiets, I have to known which videos I can delete according to a specific date. For example: I want to delete all videos which are NOT shown or clicked on the last year. Or all videos which are NOT shown or clicked on after a specific date.



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It’s a very good question. Hopefully that Brightcove has this feature because it will benefit the customer in order to housekeep the video for example. 

Hi Peter,

Brightcove Analytics can retrieve data on the views of each video over time. The reports will only display content that is active and has views or impressions.
To achieve what you are looking for, we would suggest to create, perhaps, a scheduled custom report (it can be daily or weekly) involving data such as views, video impression and play request plus engagement data; this way you can compare the reports and determine which videos have lower engagement data or is no longer present in the report which would mean it has not been played. We can make an Enhancement Request with our product team in charge to have it in our roadmap. 


Hi Giovanni,


Thanks for your reply. I would be thrilled if BrightCove can add a last view date.

I agree that last viewed data would be very helpful to have available in the report. My supervisors often ask me for this information...


There is a last viewed date in Video Cloud, but would be very helpful if that could be on a report such as an inventory report so that you can see all assets loaded to the system regardless if they have been viewed or not. 

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Same here! Having a last viewed date exportable to a report will help with content governance activities. While the scheduled reports is helpful, that still takes maintenance to combine and evaluate the reports; whereas, a column that already has last view date baked in would be more efficient.

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Thank you @Peter Faulhaber @Andy Hartono @Nathan Safer @Jeff Parr and @Amanda Hall for sharing your thoughts. This sounds like a valuable feature request. We are sharing this feedback with our support team. They might reach out to you in case of any follow up questions. Thank you once again and have a wonderful rest of your week.