Ingest points for live streaming


Does Brightcove have plans to establish an ingest point for live streaming in Central or South America? I’ve had to use SRT instead of RTMP in these regions to increase stream performance and reliability. 

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We don’t have current plans to expand in those regions but we can add your name to the feature request to help justify the expansion.

In general, we strongly recommend SRT over RTMP because of reliability, security and improved instrumentation that improves observability. Are there any reasons you would choose RTMP over SRT if you had the choice?


We’ve had live support for at least ten full day events in the past four months. I was never told to use SRT over RTMP. I asked when we started to do events in cities without entry points nearby. We used SRT in Brazil and Mexico. After I experienced the failover issues with SRT and was told it doesn’t behave as smoothly as RTMP, I’m hesitant to use it unless we see performance issues with RTMP. It would be great to have more clarity on when to use SRT and RTMP and what the differences might be for user experience, if any.