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  • 14 December 2023
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Do I need to make any changes to my ingest profile if I'm streaming from Europe at 25fps?


Best answer by Elena Torres 21 December 2023, 21:21

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Hello Sheryn,

That’s a really good question; Yes, you would need to adjust your live ingest profile when sending a different frame rate than our default that is (30fps) this is because your ingest profile has the configuration that our system would be expecting to get from the input source encoder; in this specific case you would need to make sure that the parameters you have on this profile are the same you have on your encoder, for instance;  the Keyframe_Interval value should be one of the values that need to be changed when sending 25fps; by default you would see this value is 60 (As we expect you to send 30fps and a Keyframe should always occur every 2 seconds for both inputs and outputs including 25fps video).

Meaning a keyframe is sent to Brightcove from the encoder every two seconds of the stream itself. So if a keyframe should occur every 2 seconds you should change the Keyframe_Interval value on your live ingest profile from 60 to 50 to match the FPS we are getting.

Here is a sample for your reference: 

"media_type": "video",
"format": "ts",
"segment_seconds": 6,
"label": "hls1080p",
"live_stream": true,
"video_codec": "h264",
"video_bitrate": 4000,
"keyframe_interval": 50,
"width": 1920,
"height": 1080,
"h264_profile": "high"

Note: Please keep in mind that you would need to change the keyframe_interval value for all the renditions.

NOTE: If keyframe_interval is not provided, keyframes will follow the input GOP structure.

Here is a document with our live best practices for your reference and our Brightcove Live API:

I hope this information helps!