SRT stream failover


In a recent event we noticed that SRT streams do not support seamless failover to backup like RTMP streams. Are there plans to allow similar seamless failover for SRT streams? The user experience was not ideal in that a browser refesh was required to connect to the backup stream.

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For Redundancy Groups, there should be no difference in behavior due to the ingest transport protocol (RTMP vs. SRT). Can you give us a few more details on your setup?

If this was a specific incident, you can file a support ticket and we can evaluate the associated jobs at time of failure to help diagnose what happened.


Hi Paul, We had an event in Mexico a few weeks ago where we used an SRT stream. We saw connectivity issues with the primary stream a few times and failover wasn’t happening as we’ve seen with RTMP streams. Primary and backup were using different ingest points in N. America (east and west coasts). We had professional support online with us for the event. They were telling me that one difference between SRT and RTMP is that SRT won’t failover as seamlessly as RTMP. This is what i was told and observed during the event two or three times. We were using OBS on MacBook Pros for encoders. The support person said it would be good to raise this as a concern and could possibly be addressed with a feature update.

Interesting. I’ll circle with the support team and see if I can get a better understanding of what was happening. Again, it is not my expectations that the ingest transport protocol itself would lead to different outcomes for redundancy. But perhaps there were other factors at play.


Thanks for looking into this.