Has anyone created a useful SCORM file from an Interactivity Experience?

  • 18 June 2024
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I need a 100% viewing for a passing grade. Brightcove Support says that It is “not possible to eliminate the giant Header and submit button,” when displayed in the LMS. That header creates a situation where the viewer may not even see the top of the video, where a continue button is displayed to release a gated annotation.  Any advice would be helpful as Support has ignored my requests for further disccusion.

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6 replies

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Hi @Tim Benedict  


The submit button is required to actually send across a grade to the LMS (even in cases where the viewing 100% is the criteria for a passing grade). 


Can you elaborate on the scenario you laid out? the header for the Lesson is blocking the top of the video (e.g. the video doesn’t render below it)?


HI @Patrick Farley,

Thank you for your reply. It was your webinars that got me up to speed with the interactivity.  In addition to the submit button that is always there, there is an issue with screen size and gated annotations that will not release as expected when playing the Experience. I would like to send you links to the Project and the Experience, but would prefer to not include them here in the forum. Is there a better way?

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Hi Tim, 


The best way would be to file a case with Brightcove support and specifically call out my name in the ticket (or if there already is one, please respond and call me out on it)

I meet regularly with the support team and am happy to keep an eye out for the ticket. 


Thanks @Patrick Farley 

My ticket is 01535239. Suddenly, the emails from support went to my junk folder for two weeks! Once that was discovered, we had an online meeting on Friday. When playing the video from the Project URL, everything is fine. When playing the video from the Experience URL as a Lesson, the added title and Submit button at the top enlarges the video which causes the need to scroll up and down to see it all. The solution I was given is to change the iframe css in the sytle section of the SCORM main.html file:

iframe {
            max-width: 1080px;
            width: 100vw;
            height: 100vh;

Seems that there should be a better way to implement this in the Interactivity Experience settings.

Before I can provide a new zip file to our LMS team to test the iframe size, Support is still working to resolve two other issues:

A gated annotation is not releasing the gate when playing from the Experience URL which is used for the LMS. It works fine with the Project URL.

Playing the video in our LMS causes a “cookies” warning to appear at the top, which is unacceptable to the LMS team.

Appreciate your help,


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Thanks Tim, 


I’m syncing with the support team member working on this tomorrow. 

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Hi @Tim Benedict ,


I’ve synced with both the support and development teams on your questions. 

For the cookie display bar, the dev team is investigating potential paths forward now, and we will communicate updates through our support team. 

For the gating issues on experiences v. projects, I have instructed our support team to file a separate ticket for this issue and have escalated it’s priority for the dev team to investigate. Typically, when there are discrete issues (even within the same module) it will streamline things for the dev team to break them out individually. Our support team should be in touch soon with details for that additional ticket. 

Finally, for the display ratio, while we are filing an improvement request this week, are you able to proceed with testing using the CSS steps listed above in the meanwhile?