Who is going to NAB Show?

  • 26 March 2024
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Just wanted to see who is going to the NAB Show. I’ll be attending with focus around the Streaming Summit. This will be my first NAB Show, so if anyone is going or has any advice/suggestions, please let me know!

6 replies

Hi Jared - a number of the Brightcove team will be there and at our booth for the 4 days. We will also be at streaming summit where our CEO will be speaking. Are you interested in meeting us on show floor? 

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I believe DogTV will also be there. Tagging @Crystal Frame to share any suggestions.

Its a great idea to know other Brightcove users who also will be at NAB. 

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@Elyse Jenkins, I am definately planning on swinging by the booth and have the “Sports Streaming’s Place in Fan Engagement and Monetization” marked in myNAB Show. 


I look forward to meeting all Brightcove staff in attendance and hope to meet some fellow Brightcove Users as well!

@Jared Collett would you like my help in scheduling a time with the team at the booth or one of our meeting rooms? Stefan Miller who I believe you are working with will be there - as well as Lee’s boss


I believe Lee is already helping to coordinate an NAB onsite meeting/dinner. Looking forward to meeting up again Jared!

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Thank you all! You’re the best!