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  • 14 December 2023
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Can I host custom plugins on Brightcove?


Best answer by Jorge Contreras 19 December 2023, 22:12

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Hi, Varsha!

Yes, you can add those plugins to the player as we explained here:

You can add a custom plugin or a BC plugin.

I hope you can find this information useful.

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Also, if you have developed your own custom javascript or CSS files that you would like for Brightcove to host, we have our Delivery System API which is a repository that you can use to upload your custom plugins on Brightcove servers.  This is discussed here: 

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One important thing to remember with Custom plugins.  When you make any changes to the JS or CSS for your plugin, whether you are using the custom plugin in the player option or the deliver system API, you MUST republish your player to bundle the updated files to your player.   

The recommended approach is to publish the changes to a test/QA player rather than your production player in case the plugin malfunctions in some way, allowing you to catch and fix any problems before going into your production environment.

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Brightcove make it simple now with new feature that you can upload the custom plugin JS and CSS. So yes, you can host it on Brightcove.