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  • 20 March 2024
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I am looking to create an accessibility button for a Brightcove player v7 that groups function under one button.  This button when clicked would give the user access to the closed captioning settings and Described Video settings.  By having them grouped together it keeps the player controls bar cleaner.  How would I do this?


Best answer by Varsha Ahir 21 March 2024, 19:06

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Hi @Glen Craven, are you trying to include the multi-audio control inside the caption settings control? A "described video" track is a separate audio file that can be added to a video and those audio tracks are accessed from a special headphone icon in the player control bar.  See

It may be possible to build a custom player that moves those items under the closed caption settings, but that's not an out of the box capability. We have some docs on player customization that can help if you can involve your developers:

But if you do not have resources to support that customizations, this is something our Global Services team can help build. Hope this was helpful. Let us know if you have any follow up questions. 


Thanks Varsha, yes we are going to have regular audio in the video and then upload a separate described video audio file.  We are trying to customize a player and have both the closed captioning settings and audio track selection under one icon.  We will review the documents you sent. 

Thanks again for the information