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  • 23 April 2024
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I am trying to get a report generated with all the videos uploaded which does has 0 video impression which totally comes to 1700 videos but where as when i generate a report only 300 is only generated. And the videos with 0 video impression are getting dropped. How do i generate a report with all the videos uploaded till now irrespective of the views and analytics. I tried passing more values in date range filter it still did not help. 



Best answer by Martin Alejandro Mendoza Lopez 23 April 2024, 20:33

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4 replies

Try yo ge the report from the Media module, exporting total videos ,  this shall give you the total of video assets and the metadata related to each video. 



The Analytics module gathers data from the player item, so it needs to have activity in a published player to get it log in the analytic dashboard.

hope it helps 

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When creating a new report in the Analytics module,

  • Ensure you select the date range that covers all the videos you want to report on.
  • Choose 'Video Name' and 'Video ID' as dimensions so each video is listed separately in the report. If 'Video Impressions' is not automatically included as a metric, add it manually.
  • Run the report.
  • If the report within the interface still does not show all 1700 videos, check the export options. Often, analytics platforms limit the number of rows displayed on the screen for performance reasons. Export the report in a CSV to ensure you capture all data.
  • Once the report is downloaded, verify that all expected videos are included.

If after following these steps, the report still does not show all 1700 videos, it may be necessary to reach out to Brightcove support for further assistance. There might be specific settings or filters inadvertently applied or a need for more detailed technical support to resolve the discrepancy.



The export option from media cloud helped me fetch all the 1700 videos even through they dint have any impression or views.Is there an API for the media cloud to fetch all the data as well @Martin Alejandro Mendoza Lopez?


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Yes, Brightcove does offer API options that can be used to programmatically retrieve data about videos from your Media Cloud account, including those with no impressions or views. You can use the Brightcove CMS (Content Management System) API to fetch information about all the videos in your account.