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Hope someone can advise! I would like to tap into some insights and analytics on a couple of playlists I have set up that are being optimisation tested on our website - can anyone advise on whether this is possible and how to do?


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Hi @Rebecca Williams it looks like the only way to do this is via an API call. Here's the document that can help you with it:


Let us know if theres any other question.


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Currently, Brightcove does not offer specific metrics for playlists. However, you can narrow down the analytics to focus on your playlists by utilizing the available filters and custom report features in the Brightcove Analytics module. Here are two ways how you can do it:

Login to your Brightcove Account:

Navigate to the Analytics Module

Engage module

  1. Navigate to Engage module:
  2. Add Filters
  • Click on the "+ Add filters" button.
  1. Stream Type
  • Since playlists can be VOD (Video On Demand), select "Show VOD streams" under the "Stream type" section.
  1. Tags
  • If your playlists have specific tags, you can filter by those tags. Enter the tags associated with your playlists in the "Tags" section.
  1. Custom Fields
  • If you have custom fields set up that help identify playlists, choose the relevant custom field and enter the values that correspond to your playlists.
  1. Apply Filters: 
  • Click on "Apply Filters" to update the analytics view based on the selected criteria.

Steps to Create a Custom Report for Playlists

  1. Navigate to Create Report:
    • In the Brightcove Analytics module, go to the Custom section and click on Create Report.
  2. Choose Accounts and Dates:
    • Select the account you want to include in the report.
    • Choose whether the report is a One-time or Recurring report.
    • Set the Date Range for the data you want to analyze.
  3. Select Data Groups and Fields:
    • In the Select Data section, choose the relevant data groups and fields. For playlist analytics, ensure you include fields like Player NameVideo NameVideo DurationVideo Views, and any other relevant metrics.
  4. Apply Filters:
    • Click on the Filter (Optional) dropdown to open the filter options.
    • Select the Player filter to narrow down to specific players associated with your playlists.
    • You can also use Stream Type and select VOD streams if your playlists are VOD.
    • Additional filters like Video TagCustom Fields, or specific Video Names can further refine your report to focus on playlists.
  5. Select Data Fields:
    • Check the boxes for the data fields you want to include in your report under Data Fields. For playlist analysis
  6. Generate the report

    For detailed information go to Analytics Reports